Evelio Tarazona Cáceres

I’m Evelio Tarazona Cáceres, Systems and Computing Engineer with postgraduate studies on Databases. I’ve been building mobile apps for over seven years on five different platforms, I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer in the Client Frameworks team at Lyft.

I’m really into Android, having enjoyed it for the past 6 years, I still remember the excitement unboxing my first Android device: a Nexus One running brand new Eclair!… Fast forward today this excitement has only grown bigger specially when you look into the future of the ecosystem.

Naturally I’ve built multiple apps and libraries from scratch that have been used by millions of users, featured multiple times and garnered high ratings. I often contribute to open source projects and have participated as speaker on Free Open Source Software and Android topics.

Recently I’ve been exploring my design skills in addition to rediscovering iOS/OSX development with Swift.

I take my crafting seriously and like to think that what I do is an expression and part of myself, I always go the extra mile for quality and style.


Looking for a resume? Want to talk? ☕? You can reach me anytime at hello@evel.io

You can also find me on: